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3 Ways To Know If You’re Ready For Invisalign®

3 Ways To Know If You’re Ready For Invisalign<sup>®</sup>

Here, our Delta Straight Smile dentist shares three ways to know when you're ready to try Invisalign to correct your misalignment issues and straighten your smile. 

1. You don't want to change your lifestyle to straighten your smile.

If you're looking for the benefits of braces, but aren't willing to change your lifestyle and diet, Invisalign's clear custom aligners could be ideal for you. 

Invisalign aligners are easily removable. You simply take your aligners out whenever you want to eat, or brush and floss your teeth. With Invisalign there are no dietary restrictions, and no changes to your at home oral hygiene routine. That means Invisalign fits comfortably into busy day-to-day routines.

2. You don't want people to know you're straightening your teeth. 

Unlike traditional metal braces, when you're straightening your teeth with Invisalign hardly anyone will notice. Your Invisalign aligners will be made from smooth, clear plastic that fits discreetly over your teeth and gently guides them to their new positions. 

For those times when you'd really prefer to hide that you're undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can briefly remove your aligners. The impacts on your social life with Invisalign are minimal. 

3. You want a straighter smile.

If you have healthy teeth and gums, there's no reason you shouldn't improve your oral health with a straighter, more symmetrical smile!

Metal braces remain a common and effective orthodontic treatment, but for patients looking for a more discreet and convenient way to straighten their teeth and correct misalignment issues, Invisalign is the clear choice. 

If you're ready for Invisalign, contact a Straight Smile Centres member practice in Delta today to get started!

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