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How long does Invisalign treatment take from start to finish?

How long does Invisalign treatment take from start to finish?

The full duration of your Invisalign orthodontic treatment is going to depend on your unique needs, but here's a little from our dentists on what you can expect from start to finish. 

Your start to finish Invisalign treatment will likely take the same amount of time as it would if you chose fixed metal braces for your orthodontic treatment.

That said, Invisalign treatment could be shorter or longer depending on how misaligned your teeth are, and other specifics of your unique case. 

A consultation with your dentist is the only way to find out for sure how long Invisalign treatment will take to straighten your smile.

Getting Started

When you visit your dentist for your first Invisalign consultation they will complete a comprehensive exam which will include dental impressions and x-rays. This information will then be used to create your custom treatment plan. 

If you and your dentist decide that Invisalign is the right orthodontic treatment for you, your dentist will send your information to Invisalign technicians. 

Invisalign's technicians will create your custom Invisalign clear aligners (sometimes also called 'trays') which can take up to four weeks.

Treatment Phase 

Once your clear aligners are ready it's time to see your dentist again. You will pick your aligners up at your dentist's office and your dentist will take some time to make sure that they fit properly. After that you can take your aligners home.

Until your full treatment is complete you will be expected to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day (only removing them for eating, drinking and cleaning) and change to a new set every two weeks.

Finishing Up

You can expect to achieve the results set out in your treatment plan in the length of time specified by your dentist provided you follow your dentist's treatment instructions. 

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